May 11


Global Unit Pay: Technical Session

By dongspeed

May 11, 2021

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We invite you to attend a meeting with representatives of the Board of Ambassadors of the company on Wednesday, May 5, at 15:00 Moscow time, where you will understand the verification process in the Global Unit Pay project and get reliable answers to your questions.

Meeting program:

- Processing verification.

- Q&A.

Speaker of the meeting:

- Martial Niyonzima - Representative of the Board of Ambassadors of the company, partner program Vice President, Master of Computer Science, International Speaker.

- Aidan Ward - assistant of the Global Unit Pay project manager, co-host of the "Life with the brothers of Evorich" podcast, participant in the annual mentoring training for Virtual Go Pro participants.

Vietnamese room:

ID: 981 6763 5649