May 19


How Can Aa Evorich Partner Earn Significantly More?

By dongspeed

May 19, 2021

Evorich promotions are an excellent opportunity for additional earnings for the company's partners. Never lose sight of when they start. Always take part in promotions and you will see what happens with your Bonus Account.

For example, right now the May mega-money “3x1” promotion is in full swing, which allows you to get 1000 UNT as a gift for every third purchase of the MLCI Pro training by your first level partners, in addition to accruals under the Evorich bonus plan!

The “3х1” promotion is valid only until May 31. Get a valuable gift from the company and at least three leaders for your team. After all, after completing the MLCI Pro course, your partners will become true masters of the MLCi business, and your team and income will grow exponentially.

Bonuses will be credited from June 5 to June 10 to everyone who fulfills the conditions.